About LP

This site describes the use and construction of the LP player, an Internet-aware method for creating experimental new music.  LP takes your composed mp3 files and orders them in a sequence that is driven by data taken from the Internet in real-time. Parameters such as temperatures, wind velocity, humidity and stock prices are currently enabled and can be used to sequence your music.  Your mp3 files are re-sequenced with new Internet data hourly – or longer, creating a new version of your piece automatically.  On-line listeners are presented with one or more players embedded in the LP web page on their browser – these can be started and mixed as desired, giving your music an unlimited number of variations.

LP has been successfully used with ambient files but the methods and techniques given here may be adaptable to other types of music.  The software described here for creating, editing and transferring music files – Cakewalk, Audacity, CORE FTP, etc are for a PC, but there are likely equivalents for Apple.

The LP player runs is completely open source with all source code and files available to those interested in trying LP.  Instructions for creating a Slax-based PC that boots from a thumb drive are also included – an old Windows  PC is perfect for re-purposing into a Slax server.  See the Obtaining LP link for details.

LP web pages are accessible via the Internet through your broadband connection – ready for users to access from anywhere in the world.